2018 State of The Things and Context

2018 State of The Things and Context

Hi Friends!

I’ve revived this site as an alternative to social media since being lost in the din of noise only leaves me feeling empty. I have things to share!

Currently here I am working on some low-level software projects here to keep fresh in knowledge/practice, and formulating some ideas around my next big thing. I won’t say exactly what it is just yet, but it’s a project in Golang along the lines of music education and sight reading proficiency. This challenges two areas of knowledge in a way that has been truly eye-opening.

Music Ed is something I wanted to pursue in college but found working experience in the theater group I worked for… and burned out after only a couple of years. I’ve taught piano and can play a whole mess of different instruments as a result, and did so as an autodidact. I’ve picked up software development and methodologies in a similar way, but without the burnout …instead I’m facing more impostor syndrome issues. It’s slow going sometimes as revisiting concepts turns into many rabbit holes…

…and I have observers. Namely my daughter who is fascinated by my play-by-ear ability, and is at the “dick & Jane” level of reading music. Good foundations being built there, and perhaps a potential QA assistant in the coming months. My son, who is going into sixth grade knowing what a for loop is and how to assign a variable and act on it. Next year in school he will be taking some programming classes along with cello. He’s notably enthusiastic about both.

I’m pursuing a but more of the fundamentals of Go here as I’ve spent the past three years or so working with a distributed system that was written Golang. It’s a very versatile language that can do some particularly cool tricks and lends itself to modern hardware environments (multi-processor) readily. Go has a built in package manager (go get), an official code formatting tool (a formatting standard / de-linting), struct types and methods, unit tests/benchmarks, goroutines and channels, and awesome documentation. There’s plenty of good online resources for learning go, but I’m going to just mention Todd McCleod (https://github.com/GoesToEleven) as a fantastic and enthusiastic instructor of all things Golang. If you’re someone other than me reading this, and interested in some Go programming, check him out.

But also see: https://golang.org/

See also this very handy comparison of infrastructure as code – I’m a Terraform aficinado after supporting deployments on ‘cera’s platform for a while https://blog.gruntwork.io/a-comprehensive-guide-to-terraform-b3d32832baca

So in my growing years I continue to learn, and will share musings and thoughts here.

Also, it’s the start of 2018.